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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jewels & Bacon.....A Girl's Best Friends

BACON, extra bacon, crispy, extra crispy!!  EXTRA crispy......!!!!!!!!!!  

That's all I remember the morning after our "Jeans & Jewels"  night.  One of my best friends, Jodi, and I somehow snatched some free tickets to the hottest party in the city during the Month of May 
(for those Hoosiers out there, you know why that is capitalized).  

We had our first red carpet experience and you had to wear "jeans" and lots of "jewels"!  There were race car drivers galore, fashion we had never heard of and martinis served through an ice sculpture.  We scheduled a special shopping trip and even booked a room downtown because we knew it would be a fun night......

 We were living on top of the world at 23.  And since then we have called each other "Blessed Jewel".

But then it was the next morning, and as I stood at the hotel bedside to order the room service that we couldn't afford, but needed, all I kept hearing was her bacon order.  And rightfully so because who doesn't love bacon, extra crispy or not?!?  

These days, even though we still eat it a lot, bacon has turned into these every day gimmicks and jokes. And rightfully so, it's delicious and everyone should have the pleasure of eating it.  I mean, I take the opportunity as much as I can to eat it and buy the gimmicks.....

And yes, we still wear jeans often and lots of jewels.  And yes, we still eat bacon as much as possible.  However, sometimes we eat bacon, and do other things, to keep our minds off of our stress.  That includes Jodi and another friend of ours that love some good 'ole crispy bacon and all the relief it gives us from life's beautiful, crazy ways.

Just last month, my mom, sister and I visited the new Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms in northern Indiana.  As we were watching the momma pigs (or sows as they are called) have their piglets (baby pigs), my sister and I reminisced about our days on the farm when we raised pigs.  And then my mom started asking questions.....

"Your father let you do what....?!?"  
"Is this one of those times you went to the farm and he told you 'don't tell your mother 
what you did today' type of things?"

Well, I won't go into the details of scooping pig manure (or poop) and etc., nor do I remember my dad 
ever telling us to not tell mom anything (actually that may be a lie...).  But I do know that I loved raising pigs and showing them for 10 years in 4-H AND being proud that I was a part of helping to raise those pigs to produce bacon.

Not only was I wearing my jeans, I never left the house without my sticky jewel earrings even if I was scooping that pig manure.  

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