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Friday, December 23, 2016

Live in the Moment

I always preach about slowing down and embracing each moment.
And I've been acutely aware of that advice this year as our little girl has gone from being a tiny newborn to a smiling, little baby with thick cheeks and the cutest fat baby legs.

While I am still busy and can't quite understand the concept of saying "no", I have
learned to really slow down and spend time doing nothing at home while I read to my
daughter or stare at her (as creepy as it may sound).

I'm not going to apologize for not writing more blogs and taking time to stare at my computer, I have her journal to write in and her precious face to stare at.  I'm not going to apologize for not sharing more because I have a lot to share with my daughter - even though she just stares at me and smiles, she already understands I want to be a part of her life and share this amazing journey with her.

With a year full of firsts and another one around the corner, I pray that time slows down.

This was the first year I spent Thanksgiving without my mom and the first I spent with my daughter.
As you may well know, Thanksgiving is hard for our family because we lost my dad over the holiday 7 years ago.  Funny how the holiday of thanks can remind you of the blessings that once were and still remain. And how the time can move so quickly.

Last month was the first time Mae rode the clouds and got a little closer to heaven.
She loved it and is ready to play Mary Poppins in the school play.

Not only did we celebrate Mae's first few months on this earth, but we celebrated Indiana's Bicentennial!  She has been a great state for 200 years and our families have been a part of her heritage for a good portion of that time.  We are excited to see where the next 200 lead us and to share the rich history of her ancestors with our daughter.  

Then we saw Santa and smiled and laughed a lot.  
Mae loves to read and enjoyed reading about Katie the Candy Cane Fairy!
I hope she grows up to think I have magical powers.....and not to mess with me.

I don't apologize for my lack of engagement on my blog or social media.  While I appreciate and am truly touched when people comment about my writing, the blog is not what my moments are about.  Sometimes I think we get too wrapped up in our moments online that we forget about the moments we are in.

My moments are about who's beside me and who is in my arms.

I pray that we all celebrate this holiday season and are thankful for our blessings and our Savior.
Instead of opening up presents and snapping pictures of tangible things that the kids will forget about in a few months, open a book and read a story, The Story.

I pray that you are present this holiday season and live in the moment with the people you love.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!