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Thursday, December 18, 2014

They Only Know What We Teach Them

I have spent my time recently with people from several different generations.  

It has reminded me that we need to appreciate, not only each other, but what each generation brings to the table.

We took this photo of "Four Generations of the Thomas Family" long ago but it means so, so much these days because only 1 generation remains on this earth.  

The rest of them are up in heaven teaching, playing basketball, and farming.

Earlier this week, my friend posted this picture of her son in an old Campbell Seed jacket that was once worn by her dad.  This young boy never got to meet his grandfather before he was called up to heaven.  But his mom is preserving the legacy of her father who was a farmer and a Campbell Seed Salesman.  

My dad was a farmer and former Campbell Seed Salesman.  

So this young boy and future farmer inspired me with his willingness to know not only about that old, faded jacket but about the man that wore it.

  His mom, the older generation, is teaching her son about the generation before her.  And her son will then teach the next generation about it....when the jacket really becomes faded and worn.

So as you sit around the table this Christmas with several generations make sure you share your stories and learn from each other.  Appreciate the old generations and what they sacrificed and appreciate the new and future generations for the life they will live.

So even though his farmer grandpa is gone, we can all take the opportunity to teach him about agriculture and about the man who is watching him learn from above.  And even though my dad is gone, I still learn from him and will preserve his legacy for the next generation.

Each new generation only knows what we teach them.  

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