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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For the Love of Cows

You grew up with cows?
You have cows?
Do you name your cows?
I bet they are so cute!

Well, yes and yes and sometimes we name them and they can be cute occasionally but not really.  
And especially not when they stick their tongues out at you when you are trying to visit and feed them.

I have so many childhood memories involving the cows.  
Their bawling noises in the early morning hours that signaled it was time to get up.

Walks through the woods and along the cow paths to each of our forts was a staple of our childhood.  
We would talk to the cows, drink from their water troughs and use the dried up cow pies they left behind as frisbees (gross but true).

And now my farmer husband works with the cattle daily especially during this time of year.
And I am usually just a bystander, asking questions, giving directions and yes, wanting to name a few of them too.

Our family has a cattle business and yes, most times we see it as a business and part of our farm operation.  
The cattle provide us with diversification on our family farm.  

But it's also a way of life for us and for most cattle farmers.  

We do it for the tradition of raising cattle in this country and on our family farms.
And we appreciate the freedom to raise the breed of cattle we want to and how we want to raise them.

We do it to teach the next generation about how to care for another living being 
and the art of hard work.

We do it in the cold and in the rain and to care for the cattle each day, no matter the circumstance.

And sometimes we love the cows so much that we put on strange hats and 
wear t-shirts in the heat of the summer to educate consumers about cattle and where their beef and milk come from.
(For those that know me, I usually don't wear t-shirts.)

And some of us go to the extreme and bring cow cakes to the party!

I can't imagine my life without cows.

I can't imagine this country without cattle or beef that is prepped in so many of our kitchens
 for a delicious and nutrious meal for our families.

I do so many things for the love of cows

What are you so passionate about that you would do anything for?

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  1. that first picture, with the solo cup...I'm gonna need you to send me that. New favorite Katie Mae picture.