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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Do You Have a Cabbage Dish?

When I moved in with the farmer almost two years ago, I never would have thought he would have a candy dish.  Let alone, a cabbage candy dish.

As I was combining all of our possessions (really throwing his stuff away and adding mine), I came across 
"the cabbage".

When I first spotted the cabbage, I hated it.  I thought it was ugly and asked to throw it away.  
He proclaimed, "No!  That was Great Grandma Opal's and then Aunt Freida's".

He didn't say much after that so I sighed and tucked it away.

I recently found the cabbage again when we moved. I rolled my eyes and sat it on the counter to be packed.

It's funny sometimes the memories that flood a person's mind when they see an old piece.

When the boys were helping us move, my husband's cousin and brother both mentioned "the cabbage" and Aunt Freida and the candy in it.  

"Hey Tim," the farmer asked "what did Aunt Freida have in the candy dish?"

Tim, "Krackels, Mr. Goodbar, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate."

All of the boys light up when they talk about Aunt Freida and the candy in "the cabbage" on her counter top.

So I moved her to the new house.  And she is growing on me....more and more every day.  

The history behind the cabbage makes me want to embrace it even more. 
Great Grandma Opal painted it like she did many other pieces.  When she passed, Aunt Freida got it and continued the tradition of filling it with candy.  

When Aunt Freida passed, my husband was lucky enough to get it.

The cracks and chips give her character and more meaning.  
Think about all the hands that were in "the cabbage" picking out candy when they needed a quick sugar pick-me-up or when they weren't really supposed to (guessing that's what the farmer and all the siblings and cousins did).

Now that "the cabbage" has become such a big deal in our new house, I have been thinking about the candy jar I grew up with.  Well, it wasn't a candy jar really.  It was a "munchies" jar and it was full of oreos.

Oreos were a thing growing up in our home.  They were a special treat and you HAD to have milk.  
Our dad loved oreos and he was a proponent of making sure you had the twist and a good dunk down.

He didn't really care if you made a mess. 
You can tell by this picture of my sister Sarah and our dad, caught red handed with an oreo mess and the munchies jar full of oreos ready to be devoured by their side.

Now that the "the cabbage" has made her way to my counter top, I have to laugh at how ridiculous I was when I wanted to throw it away.  But now I appreciate it more than I ever thought I would.  Every time I think of it, I thank Grandma Opal, Aunt Freida, the farmer.  Then I think of the munchie jar, messy oreos and my dad. 

So....do you have a "cabbage".
If so, appreciate it's meaning the memories it brings to your counter top and the new ones you will make.

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