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Thursday, June 4, 2015

God's Favorite Color is Green

"God must really love green, I think it's his favorite color."

That was my response to the beautiful mountain views along the 
Blue Ridge Parkway back on a summer vacation with friends and family in 2007.

"No, it's not, Katie" my friend Leslie's dad replied with an annoyed voice,
 "it's called photosynthesis."

Forget the science, I think it's God's favorite color!!

And I am about to enjoy it more and more on an upcoming trip to Ireland 
with my sister and best friend, Carrie.

I feel like I have been surrounded by the color green my entire life.
Growing up in a big yard full of green grass that never stopped growing along with 
the tall stems of the sunflowers growing in a field down by the river.

My love for the color green started at a young age along with my sisters love for sunflowers.

 At a young age, we grew up in the middle of a green pasture surrounded by cattle.  
We traveled to town through green fields full of corn and soybeans.

And while we won't be wearing our bib overalls in Ireland, we will be prepared to put on our boots and move the sheep from the middle of the road.  It can't be that hard, right?

We hope to have lots of good sister time with many laughs and new memories to share as we grow old together. 

We decided it would be fun to take a sidekick on this sister trip, and who better than my crazy, Irish friend Carrie.

Carrie and I met on the Governor's campaign back when we were recent college graduates, broke and going to receptions every other night of the week including hog roasts from time to time.  

The campaign color was green.
We wore those green stickers everywhere.  A staple in our wardrobe at the time.

We went all out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and our heritage.  
We might have gone too far at times for the color green.

We loved to wear green dresses.....

....and celebrate with friends long into the night.  

We plan to wear green on our trip and celebrate into the night too.

And Carrie loves Notre Dame and green tailgates while I like to be the 
supportive friend with a green drink in my hand.

So while I am surrounded by fields of green wheat and sprouting green corn and soybeans 
at the moment, I am looking forward to my green views in Ireland.

I'm ready to slow down for a week and breath some new, fresh air while sporting my new, green rain jacket.

When I return, the wheat will have turned a little brown and time will speed up again for the summer.

And I'm hoping my sister will catch some Irish rain for good luck like she did on my wedding day.  
I'm hoping the good luck will bring the good and steady rain for our farmers this summer, to keep everything green.  

I'll be back after a week off from writing when we return from our trip full of adventures and beautiful views of God's favorite color, green.

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