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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Life Changes on the Farm

It's been a long and interesting few weeks.  
And it's been too long since I have written a blog.
But I've been tired, hungry, sick and boggled that my life will change drastically in a few months.  

We are expecting our first baby in July and the kid really knocked the wind out of me recently.
I've called it an alien, a weirdo and accused it of being mean to me.
But yet, I have started buying the baby cute toys and clothes.  

 Even though I am excited, it is a little scary imagining that your life will change so drastically.
No more peaceful nights of reading with my husband while we sip on cocktails. 
No more deciding to have date night last minute or whisking away to another country for our travel adventures.

Just recently, I have started to think about all the positive things I will do with our baby and children.  
I will get to sing them songs that my mom sang to us as young children.

I will get to teach them about the ground beneath their feet and our farm life that provides for others.
We will teach them about their grandfathers that are watching them from heaven above and can be seen by the moon, just as the moon can see them.

We recently watched our niece and two nephews one Sunday morning for almost two hours. 
It was nice and crazy......
Instead of a peaceful Sunday morning with french press coffee and morning political shows, we traded with animal cracker crumbs everywhere and Planet Earth with commercial entertainment compliments of the kids' wrestling matches.  

They climbed all over us, would sit still for a minute, and then change positions while kicking you along the way then would be up and on their way to the next best thing.

When they left, I was again boggled.  Not sure I wanted to do this....have children.  
But at the end of the day, they were good, entertaining and full of love and cuddles. 

The baby has been a bit nicer in the past week or so I feel more energy coming on!
I'm getting more excited which means more shopping and I'm sure that will thrill my husband.

When the time comes for our baby to arrive, I am sure our lives will get more hectic and busy.
But we will just have to push on with our sleepless nights and french press coffee.
We embrace it all and enjoy our time on the farm watching our crops and children grow.

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