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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Calm in the Storm

It's been raining a lot lately on our farm, too much.
The days of sunny skies that bring dry weather to soak up the moisture 
in the fields have been few and far between.
(But this week has been great and with a few long nights, we are finished planting!)

I came home one night to my farmer who I knew was stressed but didn't show it.
"Let's go check some fields and cows," he said.
I obliged, didn't change out of my dress and hopped my pregnant self in the truck.

I love checking cows with my husband.  
It seems so natural to him to stand in an open pasture with the cattle.

I love standing in the pasture too, but they don't seem to like me as much as they like him.
I get these stares quite frequently when I'm with the cattle.  
Maybe they know I'm not the one that feeds them.

As he continued to walk through the pasture, I just starred at him and watched the cattle follow him calmly.  Everything was so peaceful even though a storm had just come and gone and another one was about to arrive.

I looked away for a few minutes and all of a sudden, I seemed to lose him.
But he was there.....in the middle of the cattle acting cool, calm and collected just as he always does.

I, on the other hand, was standing near the bull who wasn't really pleased with me.
While I did and always stay calm with the cattle, I felt like the bull this time.
The one that can cause havoc and disrupt the peace.

Pregnancy has made me realize how much I love and appreciate my husband.
While I may be the bull in the china shop with sudden bursts of emotions and tears, he is the calm in the storm.  

When I yell, "honey, I'm pregnant!  Look at me!"
He responds with his calm demeanor, "yep, there's a baby in there."

He's the one with the steady hand that deals with my crazy requests, 
my constant need for cuddling and pregnancy shopping habits.
I talk too much and disrupt his peace, but after all of that he still loves me.

I've pretty much accepted that I am like the bull and can hang with him as we try to keep our emotions intact.
And when we do cause a storm, the peaceful cows and my calm husband will be around to bring us back to reality and remind us to chill out.

Even my husband's steady, calm hand can soothe our baby and she's not even here yet.
Maybe they both will be the calm in my storm....let's just hope!

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