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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pumpkins & Pawpaws (The Indiana Banana)

I stopped at the local market for some pumpkins yesterday to add to my fall decor.

My husband never really says much about my decor until I ask,
"Did you see our new pumpkins?"

"Sure" he responds, "I also saw that new sign over there too.....".

"What new sign?!" I proclaim.

"Uhh huh....it's just best for us both when I don't notice your new decorations,"
he says in an oh-so-lovely tone.

Let's just say that we get along just fine in our little home even after my shopping sprees.....

And as I was preparing dinner earlier in the night, he came home from the farm and told me, 
"I am going to go pick some pawpaws for dessert."

"What!??!" I yelled as he strolled across the porch and into the yard with no response.  

Later I learned something that I can't believe I never knew being an Indiana farm girl.  
We have these trees in Indiana called Pawpaw Trees that produce a fruit that is tropical tasting.  
Pawpaws are the only North American temperate member of a tropical family 
of trees known as Annonaceae or the custard-apple family.

And my wonderful husband picked some of the fruit, the pawpaws, for us. 

Before he cut into the fruit he told me, 
"Every year in the fall, right before the first frost came, you knew it was time to go and check the Pawpaws.  This is especially true if we have had a wet summer; they like moisture."

 "When I was younger, no matter how much we had been arguing, grandpa and I 
always enjoyed checking the pawpaws together."

"They taste like a banana with something tropical in them.  They call these 
the "Indiana Bananas.  And the texture is almost like a custard texture."

Well this is living, learning from your husband and sharing stories with 
each other about your childhood and the random stuff you just happen to know.

Believe me, I looked up all of this and he was right:
* Indiana Banana 
*They like moisture 
*Fruit matures in late September until mid-October (right about frost season)

I told him it had a hint of pineapple in it too and when I researched, it says it does!

So, it looks like we will be enjoying some pawpaws along with our pumpkins 
the next few days and weeks.  

And now I am wondering if I can make a Pawpaw Pie 
for my monthly Pie Adventure?!

I think I'll drink some more of that wine before I decide, 
but should probably just stick with a pumpkin pie for now.

1 comment:

  1. Gpa gave us some a week or two ago, Morgan and EVEN Taylor loved them. Very fond memories from childhood. Gma makes a bread with them but I think an "Indiana Banana" Creme pie could be good! LG