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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We Don't Want to Eat with Utensils......


A time for beautiful sunsets.
A time for farmers to rise before the sun and hit the hay long after it sets.

And a time when I volunteer myself to make lunches and dinners for the guys on the farm.

I hate packing my own lunch, so what was I thinking?!?

Maybe it was so I could see my husband more and get out of the house and talk to a 
live person in the evenings instead of being a harvest widow?  Maybe that's it.  

But I still hate packing them up!  I just want to cook and then enjoy my dinner with my wine.
But nope, I volunteered.  

And when my husband informed me, 
"We don't want to eat with utensils.....it slows us down."

Well, I kind of panicked.  I don't really make sandwiches. 
And how do you make sandwiches so different each day and night that still taste good?

So I racked my brain, visited two different groceries, made sure I had my handy Penzeys Sandwich Sprinkle and cleared half of my bench to hold the goodies so I could get organized.

Sunday night I made my first round of lunch sandwiches.  

Then last night it was three lunches (one with arugula lettuce--his favorite, remember?).

And four dinners ready to eat in the field.

And then there was the pie crust I had to make for my monthly Pie Adventure!

All within 45 minutes! 

I have a very small kitchen in our little bungalow house on the farm, and I think that's why I can get so much accomplished so quickly when I cook.  I don't have to move from my little work station. 

For this month's pie, I decided to make apple pie turnovers.  
One because apples are a big part of my love for the fall season.

And I kept hearing something in the back of my mind, 
"We don't want to eat with utensils". 

They aren't pretty (need to practice more) but the boys don't really care what my turnovers or sandwiches really look like anyway and they won't have to use utensils!

(P.S. That's cinnamon on top, not burnt crust!)

So as the guys were harvesting last night, I was at home dreaming of the corn, praying for a safe harvest, more beautiful sunsets and how the heck I am going to make those sandwiches more tasty! 

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