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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Unspoken Lesson from the Farmer: Contemplate & Be Grateful

"Contemplate the good things in your life and be grateful for them." 
~Rebecca Pidgeon

I saw those words recently and it reminded me to slow down a bit.
Somehow, even in the winter time when it's too cold to be out a lot, I still need to be reminded.

Just like I need to remember to "be still" at times too.

I have been home, on my family farm, for the past few days and
 have sat still some and contemplated a little, but probably not enough.

Yesterday, at the farm office, I saw this drawing of my great-grandfather, Pap.

He was a teacher, a godly man, someone who enjoyed writing poetry and loved his family.
Above all, I remember him as a man that sat still and contemplated about the good in his life.

The crazy thing about this drawing from Pap's former student is that 
it resembles my dad too.

Dad sat and contemplated things too, but didn't really over think things.  
That's what he told me I did, "Katie, you think too much."  

He just lived his life, contemplated every so often about the good and the blessings 
in his life and then was grateful.  

Here he is with his good friend Kim, another farmer who likes to be still and contemplate too.

So here is another reminder, and unspoken lesson from the farmer:
Contemplate and be grateful.  

This week, and hopefully every week in the future, I plan to do just that--be still, 
don't think to much, contemplate and be grateful.

I hope you are blessed enough to do the same. 

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