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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Whiskey in Hand, Hand in Milk

I was on a mission after work yesterday....to.get.a.pedicure!  That's it.  Once I got that off my list then I would be set, and I could get to the grocery store, rush around like a mad woman and try not to hit the random kids throughout the aisles and get home....for date night!  

Date night this time of year is pretty unheard of on the farm.  That is why I was speeding (I inherited my dad's lead foot) to get to the nail salon to accomplish my mission.  I texted Brett to tell him my plans before I jumped in the car and then got what was disappointing but halfway expected news, 
"I won't be home until 9:30 or 10:00 tonight.  Had to make a seed delivery down south.  Love you." 

Well shoot.....I was finally going to get to see him for more than an hour and have a real, long conversation with him.  We were probably going to go to one of our favorite restaurants in town for a bottle of good red wine and a meat and cheese board (yes, my farmer drinks wine and eats fancy meats and cheeses).  It wasn't going to be a night of "let's catch up quickly so we can crash" or having him endure a long list of "To Dos to Discuss" on one of my many post-it notes.  

But this time of year, the farm comes first.  The crops and the customers, they are number one.  
And "that's just part of it".  

But as I sat there and enjoyed my pedicure and then took my time in the grocery store I thought, "I am actually happy date night was cancelled."  I could get home and prep the food for a baby shower I am co-hosting this weekend, do laundry, pack, write a blog and do my nails (I let others deal with my toes, I always do my nails.....once a week.....my farmer husband thinks I am nuts.)

Anyway, I got home and was greeted with some packages.  Every time we receive a stack of packages I am reminded of another reason why I love living in the country.  The Terminix guy knows what's going on in your life without you really telling him.  Last summer, after being engaged for several months, we received this on our door after a routine check from our friend.  

The day I came home to that, I couldn't stop laughing and also felt very blessed that a complete stranger had the thoughtfulness and took the time to write a message for us.  And how did he know?  Oh, well maybe he saw these....

So I prepped the baby shower BBQ appetizers:  homemade pimento cheese, spiced candied bacon, and jalapeno poppers.  Now I have cut and diced those things before but apparently these things were pretty hot because my fingers were on fire!!  Great, I should have listened to my friend's mom about wearing gloves when cutting and cleaning these peppers.  
Why do mothers always know best?

So what was once a much needed date night had now turned into a normal evening during this spring planting season.  A tired farmer with his new tan walks in the house late at night, grabs a whiskey cocktail and endures his wife's "To Dos for Discussion".  The only thing not normal about this evening was that I couldn't mark things off my list quite so quickly because my hands were in a glass of milk trying to cool off from those jalapenos.  They better be the first thing gone at the shower or I won't be knockin' a kid out at the grocery store to get them anymore.

The best part about the night, really, was that he never saw the fancy things 
that were in those packages.....


  1. Hahaha it's always a feat when you can hide the shopping evidence. Love it. Also, at least you knew to put your hands in milk. Could have been worse. Us Mexicans have allll been there. Love post número dos!! Keep em comin babay

  2. I am trying to get my husband on board with wine. It's not working. We were at one of the fanciest wineries in Napa Valley and he asks for a Bud Light.

    I am sorry your date night was unable to happen! At least you were able to get some things done. I admire that you are able to just go with the flow. It's not always easy!