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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Are you a #GreatAmerican?

I often wonder what life would be like if I didn't have freedoms.  The freedom to buy what I want, eat what I want, work and live where I want and drive and travel where I want.  What would that truly be like?  What would it be like if I couldn't buy and wear red, white and blue whenever I wanted?  (Don't forget the denim!)

And then I think, I don't want to know.  And how can I prevent that while still living my life as a citizen who enjoys all of these freedoms.  Well, if you know me, you know that I have worked in politics and am still politically active.  I love history and have the utmost respect for our military.  Sometimes I coin a person as a #GreatAmerican because they have exhibited some type of patriotism or give back to their communities and to their country.  And don't forget those who just love an ice cold beer on their front porch while their American Flag blows in the wind.  

However, I have a love-hate relationship with government and politics.  Somedays I am 
astounded by things that are done in our government or in the political sphere.  But then when I get frustrated about those things, I ask myself, "Did you do enough today?  Were you involved or did you educate yourself enough to know what is truly going on in your country and in your world?"

Sometimes I say "yes" and sometimes the answer is "no".  All I know is that I don't do enough and I know a lot of other people who don't do enough either.  That makes me challenge myself to do more.  And because I love sharing things with people and educating them about things, this blog is an attempt at helping people to become more involved or to at least know what is going on in our country and our world.  

I hope as Americans most people know that their voice DOES matter even when you think it doesn't.  
The United States of America is different for a reason and people still flock to this place for a reason because.....

I also wonder what it would be like if I didn't grow up on a farm, live on a farm or even work in agriculture.  And what would my life be like if I didn't have passion.  Passion for where I come from and what I do and where I live?  

In a letter to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” 

When I read that quote I am not only proud to be a farm girl but to be an American farm girl.  Seeing the passion and contributions that farmers make, not just in the growing of our food and caring of animals but in their involvement in their communities, makes me proud and grateful. 

The men during the Revolutionary War didn't leave their farms to go and die in their own fields so we wouldn't be involved in government and politics.  They did it so that we COULD be involved in government and politics.  

I do not believe that every citizen has to be running for an office or giving to a political campaign.  I believe we have the right to do that and the freedom to choose how we want to be involved, that was given to us.  But we do have the responsibility to learn about our freedoms and to be aware of what is going on in our country.  

So as I conclude your first "Great American Class", I ask that you at least learn something about your government or read about what is going on in your town, state, country and our world.  And I want to help you, that's why we will do this series on the first Tuesday of every month (you'll have to come back next month to learn, "Why Tuesday?).   Send me your questions, topics you want to learn about or how you want to be involved. 
I'll even take it back to the "Schoolhouse Rock!" days if you want!

 So for you and those that came before you and for those that will come after you, always remember.....

And we need to care for it, not just farmers, but all of us.


  1. Thank you for offering this series, Katie! Very unique and very important. I am definitely one of those that hasn't done enough. I know it requires starting off small and learning what's going on in our own county. Politics can be overwhelming and I think some people would rather just pretend they don't exsist.. but I think it's our responsibility as adults to get involved.

  2. Teach me everything! I can't wait til the next one.

    1. Elena, I plan on trying to teach you lots of things about politics, our government and farming! Thanks for reading!