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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Perfect, Dirty Floors & Springtime Mottos

It's springtime on the farm and it's perfect.

Well, except for the floors in our kitchen and laundry room because the farmer can't take his boots off to walk across the somewhat clean floor.  

When I come home and find chunks of dirt that have fallen from is filthy boots, I take a deep breath and realize that taking your boots on and off takes time.  

And farmers don't have a lot of spare time in the spring to take off their boots.  They are too busy worrying about the weather, running to the fields to plant a new crop, checking the pastures for new calves and more.

In their mind, spring is a perfect time to start doing what they 
love again--caring for animals and planting a new crop.
So I guess I can have a little patience and accept that my floors will be dirty for spring.

And it seems like we have several mottos on the farm during this time of year.

One of them may just be for me as a reminder to slow down and enjoy being outside surrounded by cows and farmers in the fields.  This towel hangs in my kitchen to remind me to chill out.

And it's in the kitchen because I spend a lot of time in there making sandwiches for the guys on our farm.  I get so prepped and organized before putting their lunch and dinners together that the farmer says I "compose meals" instead of make them.  

It's just one less thing for them to worry about and a perfect way for me to give back to the farm and farmers.

When you live on a farm, each day counts during the various seasons.  
And as a farmer's wife you have to stay positive and upbeat about each day. 

I found this mug during the move, showed it to the farmer and did a little cheer for planting! 
He then shook his head at me, gave me a kiss and walked away.  

At least he didn't say anything and make fun of me, right?

This year we expanded the cattle herd on our family farm and there have been great days and not so great days.

One cow delivered still born twins early this spring.
Another had twins several hours apart and she abandoned the second one.
And another cow died several weeks after giving birth.

But the good days are when the mom that lost the twins survived, and when other mamma cows tended to the abandoned and orphaned calves.

And the great days are when the calves are running around enjoying the open fields and spring weather, and sometimes really enjoying their photo op!

So on the farm, we try to keep calm because calving's on.  

In our house, there are lots of springtime mottos but most importantly it's patience and love.  We must have patience with each other to get through the spring, just like the fall.  And we continue to have love and passion for what we do--taking care of the cattle, digging and planting the new crop and making sure to care for each other along the way.  

Do you have a springtime motto?  
If you don't, appreciate your perfect, dirty floors and it will come to you.


  1. The fiancée tonight was going on about dirty counter tops at his farm. I had to chuckle, as I read this a couple days ago and just reminded him, "honey, it's spring, you're planting, it's going to get dirty." I'll have to remind myself to slow down and breath when I move in, or just attach paper towels and a spray bottle to my belt, lol.

    1. This is great! Glad you are being supportive, not he needs to learn to be patient with his dirty counters! I read this to my husband last night and he started talking about how he needs to clean his office. Looks like I know what I will be doing soon!

    2. Haha, I have to find him office space when I get down there too. As a bachelor for so long he's picked up the habit of paperwork lying on the kitchen and dining room tables. Luckily as I prepare to move myself and the kids in I also have been buying up cute but functional pieces at work to help curb the habits and hopefully help more during tax season. It is one of the things even his parents have asked me to make sure I keep on him about.