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Friday, May 29, 2015

Adventures with One Year of Fancy in the Country

Remember, time flies, especially when you are living your life to the fullest.

Today, my Fancy in the Country blog turns 1...ONE!  

It really just feels like yesterday when I started this blog and told you, Why Fancy in the Country?

Just like I feel like this photo wasn't really taken that long ago either.
And what do you know, jellies are back in style!

It's been quite the year and I have tried my best to document my thoughts of this Fancy in the Country life I live on our family farm.  It has been challenging, to open up and tell you about so much in my life but it's also been really rewarding.  

One of my favorite posts was about the Farm to Table Movement.  
As I was picking radishes with grandpa last night in his garden on our family farm, I was again blessed that the ground beneath my feet can produce such beautiful and tasty food.  

We are so very blessed to live in a country where we can grow our own food and buy the food we want.  
I hope you appreciate this blessing and learn a little about agriculture and where your food comes from on this blog.

After grandpa and I worked in the garden, I hopped in the gator with him to explore the farm.  
We talked about the history of the farm and the all the houses everyone lives in.  

Then we passed this bench.  It's in the middle of the woods next to a tree facing north. 
I don't know the history of this bench but will be embarking on a new adventure to find out.

I have a feeling whoever sat on this bench together talked a lot about life and love.  
And I bet they were forever committed to each other just like my husband and I have been in our adventures together.

The blog has been about finding out new things about myself and the stuff I am made of.

I found this new view last night and have a favorite new tree.  
It's going to be a great place to have another harvest festival this fall while the farm is bustling with activity and I try to be still for a moment.

While my farmer husband and I have been on many adventures together over the past year, I have been on my own and he has supported me along the way.

Last year I was on a Pie Adventure and this year I am just on an adventure in the kitchen to make things I am too scared to try or make.  It's scary, baking especially, but I think this blueberry cobbler turned out just fine!

Much of what I do in my life and the adventures I have been on are because of my of mom and dad.  

Dad has been gone for five and a half years, remember,

It's been hard but as he would say "that's just part of it".

And then there is mom, the woman who taught me about fancy things and to walk in great shoes and have passion for every path you go on in life.

Also, today is mom's birthday.  
We are celebrating her and the one year birthday of the blog, passionately of course!

So thank you for reading and staying by my side during this adventure in this great life of 

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