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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Why Everyone Needs a Polka Dot Binder

"Hey honey, have you seen my wallet?"

Me, "have you looked in the pocket of your jeans from yesterday in the hamper?"

"Found it!!"  

Yeah, I know you did.....I know you.

Don't you hate it when you can't find that something you really need?  Or when you're in a rush and it's missing?  Or when something happens to someone you love and you just don't know
where they put that stuff you really need?

Brett and I know all too well what it is like to lose someone and need that stuff.  Those important documents.  I mean sometimes there is one person in the house who takes care of all the important things for the home and the family.  But what if that person is called upon somewhere else?  Somewhere up above?

I am pretty OCD and organized.  So when I got married I had a little freak out moment because I knew I would have to combine all of our "stuff", and I soon realized we each had our own way of organizing.  Oh crap....what to do now with the important documents?!?  What will I do if he is gone and what will he do if I go?

Hmmmm....solution!  Get a polka dot binder! 

Well it doesn't have to be a polka dot binder but mine is.  It's cuter that way and stands out from the rest.  

It took me about a month or so to put her together but it happened.  It has all the important documents that both of us need or would need, and we have told 2 family members on each side where it is.  Call me morbid, but I am actually prepared.  And I hate wasting time searching for things or reprinting or standing in a room scratching my head wondering where that document is!

She is split into sections:  Katie, Brett, Marriage, Land, Passports.  The "Land" section may not be for everyone but you could have other categories.  Marrying a farmer, you have "Land" in your polka dot binder.  

We have our:
Birth Certificates
Insurance Information 
Voter Registrations
Investment Information
List of land & farm stuff 
(This is so I don't forget!)
Copies of our Marriage License 
Immunization vaccination history 
(Weird but if you travel a lot this is helpful and you can keep track of what you 
have and what you need--contact your local or state health department.)

 It has been really helpful multiple times and has saved us time and stress!  
Well except the time when Brett was getting a little nervous because he couldn't find his passport.  

"Hey honey, do you know where my passport is?"

Me, "have you looked in the polka dot binder?"

"Found it!!  I knew where it was......yeah I knew."  

Sure you did.........

So now instead of standing in a room, scratching our heads and freaking out because we can't find our important documents, we try to spend more of our time together, enjoying each moment so we can get to know each other better each day.  It helps me to figure out where his lost wallet will be next time.  


  1. I love this! I freak out about something happening to my husband because he is in charge of paying all the bills like phone, internet, mortgage, etc. In fact, I don't know what all he takes care of. I've been taking it for granted the last [almost] 3 years! We kind of have our important documents haphazardly placed in a gun safe but they aren't organized by any means. Thanks for the idea! :)

    1. Kelly, we do take those little things for granted so we don't have to put them on our to do lists! However, I have found that asking questions and at least knowing a little how it all works has made me feel more at ease!