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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Heaven Is Under Our Feet.....

......As Well As Over Our Heads.  

I would say most farmers agree with Henry David Thoreau's quote.

And maybe that's why my mom bought that rustic sign that she hung above her farmer's chair years ago.  I have always known that there was something special about that ground under my feet.  And growing up on a farm and now working for farmers and married to a farmer I cannot fully express my love for the land under my feet just as I love the big blue sky over my head.  

And this is my heaven.  An evening jeep ride with my farmer to check on the wheat under us with that big blue sky watching over us from above.

Wheat is just beautiful.  It is so green in the winter and spring and then so golden in the summer before harvest.

And then there is the corn.....

Farmers love to plant their corn.....it's a thing. 

"You can see it march through it's life cycle," my farmer says.   

And we have done that this year.  We planted our field together in early May.

And now the heaven below is supporting her roots so the corn can grow nice and tall.  

So tall at this point that our corn is almost 6 foot tall, way past the goal of "knee high by the 4th of July!"

And the field is so green and so heavenly under the blue sky. 

The soybeans are growing too.  They are green for miles and at least you can see around the corner of a bean field, not so much corn.....

So where is your heaven?  Is it under your feet or over your head or all around you at times?  Do you need to visit your heaven more?

I am lucky enough to have heaven supporting me from below and watching out for me from above.

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