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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hands & Heart Shall Never Part

Fall has officially filled the air this week with the crisp mornings and cool evenings.  As we prepare for harvest on the farm, I am reminded of the little cross-stitch art in my grandma's house that says:

"Hands & Heart Shall Never Part"

As I reflect on that saying, I am reminded that hard working hands have some heart to them.  The work we do with our hands and the care we give to others with them never part from our heart and our passion.  

My farmer and I both are passionate about agriculture and work in agriculture.  However, he works outside while I usually stay inside.  Can you tell?

Old farmer hands are the best, they reflect the heart it has taken over the years to grow a family farm.

It's now time for those old, worn farmer hands to care for the garden while 
the grandchildren care for the fields with their young, strong hands.

 Have you taken the time to learn from some old, worn hands?  
They know more and have been connected to the heart for much longer than you may know.  

For example, grandma's hands have made soooo many pies.  Why wouldn't I want to learn from those hands?

But remember that the small hands can remind us of the simple things in life.  Like taking the time to sit barefoot on the picnic table in pigtails with a sucker in one hand and an American flag in the other.  
Don't let the young hands grow up too fast, let them have a young, playful heart and grow up slowly. 

On the farm, we have to use our hands a lot not only for the crops, but for the animals too. 
This little calf wasn't getting fed from his momma so I had to do it.

And this cow was being a little dramatic during the summer sweet corn feeding. 
We use our hands to care for our cattle and our heart to keep us going through each and every season with them.

Some people are very passionate about wine (that would be me) and 
appreciate the hands and heart that go into wine making.  

I used my hands to sign my marriage license over a year ago.  And from that day on I had to train my hands to write a new last name which is not so easy!  But I do love those farmer hands I held while giving away my heart that day.

 Many people use their hands to write and type so they can share their stories like I do with you on this blog.  I also use my hands to give back, make pies, cook dinner for my husband, care for animals, and work in an industry I am passionate about.  

Are you using your hands for something that you are passionate about 
and that you feel strongly about in your heart?

My "Hands & Heart Shall Never Part" 
and I hope to use them for a very long time until they are old, worn and wrinkly.  
I hope you do too!

Today these hands and heart will celebrate. 

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