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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Get the Champagne: It's Fall!

Last night, as the Harvest Moon took its place in the night sky, I dreamed of fall.  

Fall is my favorite time of year.  

The crisp air and the deep, bright colors bring something in me to life.  Then there is the smell of harvest, the quality time around a bonfire, sweaters and the festivals that bring people together.  

This is my best friend Leslie and I at the Country Living Fair a couple of years ago.  With our cute outfits and boots on, we were ready to shop and prepare for fall!  And that's my mom in the background yelling us to hurry up because we have more shopping to do!  She has been yelling at Leslie and I since we were our kindergarten carpool days, we took our sweet time with the pumpkins and gourds and caught up with her later. 

And I love bonfires....especially the unexpected ones with friends. 

This is why, when it comes September, you should just stock up on s'mores stuff.  
This is a MUST for fall.  

Well, and you should always have a bottle of champagne in your fridge for unexpected celebrations.
This is a MUST for every season.  

(Note:  Yes, I do drink champagne around bonfires.)

Fall means harvest time on the farm.  And sometimes I become a chauffeur.  
I don't even have time to change my heels to my boots in order to run the guys from tractor to combine to semi.

But that's okay, it's fall. 

And sometimes it's an excuse to buy new shoes! 
(Don't tell my farmer.)

Fall means you eat too much food at German festivals.  And the so called biergarten is really a cattle corral where they lock you in there to drink beer after beer after beer.

 So before your fall schedule gets too busy, like every other season these days, take some time to enjoy fall.  
Take the time to plan a trip to a nearby festival. 

Here are a few sites I found that can help you plan some quality, fall time.

Visit Indiana for my Hoosier friends and anyone who wants to visit!

(This exists, who knew!  I am sure every state has something similar.)

So remember, enjoy the crisp, fall air in your new shoes while enjoying that comfort festival food 
and some champagne.  It's a must!

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