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Thursday, September 4, 2014

When My Worlds Collide

Last week, I had work meetings at my Alma mater, Purdue University.  I was so excited to get back on campus, and dream a little about my college days when one of my biggest worries was when to meet the girls at the famous 

I went to campus the night before to visit my sorority and have some meetings with the collegiate women.  While I was getting ready that morning, the fire alarm went off.  Now this happened every so often in college, I just never thought I would have to deal with it in my grown-up life.  

So I headed for the front door with the parade of women as the siren blared throughout the chapter house.  I thought I was going to be late for my work meetings, but these guys gave the all clear and we headed back in after standing in the front yard in our pajamas.....

So my day started with firefighters at the sorority house but got better by early afternoon when Purdue President Mitch Daniels spoke to our corn and soybean farmers.  

I used to work for the former Governor of Indiana who is now the President of Purdue University.  Hearing him speak about agriculture and the great strides we are making with technology on our farms makes me proud to know him, and to be an alumna of a university that is so focused on agriculture.  He spoke about how important it is for our farmers to be engaged with the research being done at universities and the value each and every one of us plays in the future of our family farms and the food we produce and consume.

A few years ago, I was hoping I would hear him talk about agriculture more as I celebrated his appointment as President of Purdue University.  A proud day for this Boilermaker!  

So as I sat on campus and visited the Chocolate Shop that evening, I thought, "my worlds collided today".  I woke up at my old home at Purdue University for my current job in agriculture listening to a man I used to work for and enjoying a drink at my favorite bar.  I feel blessed!"

Do your worlds collide sometimes?

I have realized in my few years in this grown-up life that having passion and working in an area you are passionate about and volunteering for people and organizations you are passionate about are really refreshing. 

I have lived my life by this motto:

"Have passion finding your passion."

Do you have passion?  

Do you let your worlds collide and passions lead you there?

For me, joining a sorority gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of real, strong women who would be become lifelong friends.  And some of them were already a part of the agriculture and farming community.  Worlds collide.  

And sometimes you meet people at your jobs that become lifelong friends AND enemies, especially when your teams are opponents for a game at your Alma mater.  Brad and I became close, like a brother and sister type of relationship, where we loved and hated each other all at once.  Can you tell?

So have passion finding your passion and let those passions lead you along the 
way in life and celebrate when they collide together.  


  1. Lovely topic on such a lovely blog! Thanks for this little dose of inspiration today, Katie!

    1. Thank you Armenda! You and Lauren both got lots of praise today at our soybean meeting for all of your hard work for our organization and at the state fair!

  2. This is su h a great point. Sometimes we get lost in the search and forget to have passion about the journey. Love it.