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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Country Cookout with a Side of Fancy

"Hey honey, I think I'm going to have people over on Friday when my friend Paul is in town."

"I am supposed to be gone on Friday!  You can't have people over!  Who will cook the 
cute food and decorate and such?!?!?"  

"We are grilling out, not a huge deal.  It's fine.  I can handle it."

"NO, it's not.  I'm staying home now.  Oh my, what kind of new appetizers can I try?!"

"Oh gosh" he says, "here we go.....".

My husband is perfectly capable of a lot of things, I mean he survived without me before we met and were married!  Well.....he survived by his survival standards.  

And he is perfectly capable of having people over for a country cookout.  

But he is not capable of  whipping up gazpacho and serving it on a fancy tray.  

He is capable of reminding me that the rain that poured down during our cookout is completely fine because our crops need it.  

And he is perfectly capable of encouraging his nieces and nephews to play in the rain on a beautiful
  country night.  

But he wasn't capable of setting up for our fancy in the country cookout.  

And apparently he didn't think to buy the boys water guns for the cookout either.  My country ways come out a lot even though the guns were placed on a fancy table.

But he was capable of grilling our country farm sweet corn and our lamb and beef brats.

And I let him add one thing to the menu, the classic summer country dish.  I am just not sure 
he would have made it look so fancy.

And after all that work for a fancy in the country party, all they wanted to do was make s'mores!  

So after supper time, God decided to listen to the kids instead of the farmer and let the rain pass.  Then these country kids helped build a fire to cook their s'mores.

After all my worry, he was capable of throwing a country cookout without me.  

I made my fancy food and made it all look nice, but all that really mattered at the end of the night was the fact that the kids got to make their s'mores (and so did they adults).

Oh and don't forget about the mason jars full of dead lightening bugs I found on my front porch the next morning.  

The best of  summer nights with a lot of country and a side of fancy.

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