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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Visit to a Country Front Porch

After a long day at work, what do you come home to find?

One night this summer after a not-so-wonderful-day, I came home to these little 
country kids on my front porch.  

A Superman, a Great American and a Princess with a duck call.  

And then my day turned into something so wonderful.

Brett and I don't have many visitors at our country home, but when 
we do it's preferred that these kids stop by.  

Not only was a cocktail waiting for me (thanks to my wonderful husband), but a little
 downtime between the hustle and bustle of a day in the city.  

Oh and a new fort in the yard!  Their early evening project was a site to see and something that brought back so many memories for me as a farm kid playing in the woods and building more than my fair share of forts.  

I was a very proud aunt that evening!

Each kid has their own personality and I loved capturing this innocent moment of a sweet young girl playing with an American Flag and letting it blow in the wind she created. 

Then there is the sweetheart of the bunch, the guy who gives me flowers every time I see him.  
"Aunt Katie, these are for you." 

Truly, a Superman.  

And this rug rat is a one of kind ornery kid with his off-the-cuff thoughtfulness at times.  Not so much this evening as he blared the duck call a little too much. 

This little lady loves to water flowers just like her dad and uncle like the rain to water their crops.

And sometimes she really wishes she could water her youngest brother.  And he understands that there might actually be water in there.....he knows he might deserve it.

Once the water hose was found, it was game over.  Time to get down to business and get in the mud.  Just as country kids do.....Superman and the Great American included.

As the sun was setting and bedtime approached, it was time to load up in the jeep and head home. 
With dad and dog in the front seats, I am sure they were plotting their next move or visit in the back seats. 

As they yelled "Love you Uncky Brett and Aunt Katie", we felt blessed to have these kids in our lives and to have a nice, spontaneous visit on our country front porch.    

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