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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What Happens on the Farm....Doesn't Stay on the Farm

Remember that wonderful, tasty sweet corn I told you about last week?

Well, last Friday, my thoughtful farmer had the idea to call a local food bank to donate some of it.  It's just too much for us and the five other families living on our farm to eat ourselves.

He hand picked a truck full and drove it to town, to give something that he grew to others who don't have that same opportunity.  

What is grown on the farm, doesn't stay on the farm.  

When I met my husband and he told me about his love for cattle and beef, I didn't expect that love to be at the farmer's market every Saturday morning during the summer and delivering to customers on Saturday mornings in the fall.  

What is cared for on the farm, doesn't stay on the farm. 

 Nor does the passion that goes into the caring.  It goes beyond the farm to help care for others.

 On the way home last night, I noticed an unusually placed white sign and tent alongside one of my country roads.  It was my dear friend's kid selling produce at his roadside stand!  I instantly slammed on the brakes and rolled into the driveway.  He came to my window and took my order.  It was fabulous and something I could get used to!  

There were so many special things about this moment.  Brady and his sister had worked all spring and summer building their small "company" and plan for their road side stand.  Not only did they have plenty of 4-H animals to care for, but they planted and monitored their sweet corn field and other vegetables.  

These kids are not only young farmers but young entrepreneurs and an inspiration along a country road.

What is learned on the farm, doesn't stay on the farm.

And then there is my best friend, Amy, who grew up in "town" but has now 
moved near my home farm in the country.

She inspires me more and more each weekend when I see her abundance of food at her farmer's market stand in our hometown.  Her garden grows bigger each year with more vegetables and fruits than the year before.  And her commitment for growing food and sharing her passion for her garden permeates through our township and small town.  

The passion on the farm, doesn't stay on the farm.  

 (Photo courtesy of Andrew Garrison, Amy's brother.)

What happens on the farm, doesn't stay on the farm.  

It is shared at the farmer's market and early morning weekend deliveries to customers.  It's along a road side stand and in the future businesses of the young farmers.  

And I hope you feel the love, care, hard work and passion at your 
kitchen table along with your family every day.

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