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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Priorities: My Nails and the Indiana State Fair

This summer has gone by so quickly, like all of life and every moment.  I know many of you would agree.

This month, though, this household has a lot going on!  I am working in the big city which is far, far away it seems.  Brett is busy with the farm and the cattle and hosting farmers from around the country on our farm.  And this coming weekend we are hosting folks at our house on Friday and then have obligations on the weekend, and all weekends this month.


It's August so it's time for the.....Great....

As I rushed home tonight from the grocery store (you know, my favorite place), I came home to a list of things to do.  I came upon this scene as I was emailing some people and catching up on life....this is my life, my priorities, this month apparently.

Work, drinks and doing my nails (weekly). 

So it's simple tonight, with highlights and sharing my love of our Indiana State Fair because.... 

Well....and I have to do my nails. 

My sister and I grew up watching classic Rogers & Hammerstein's musicals.  And each summer we HAD to watch "State Fair".

Not the most popular musical, but one we loved.  And growing up we loved going to the Indiana State Fair for many reasons.  And these days, we find new ways to love it each and every year. 

We go to the state fair to learn and to teach, farmers and non-farmers.

We go to the fair to exhibit our livestock or other projects or to observe the passion and hobby.

Sometimes at the state fair we dress like our co-workers without even planning it.

 We go to the state fair to see Kevin Costner and his band!!!!!!!!!!


Some of us spend the night at the state fair and wake up to an empty parking lot before anyone arrives.  And waking up to a beautiful sunrise over the city that still embraces agriculture is such a blessing.

And then to dress like our co-workers yet again the following year.....

Some of us go to the state fair to have meetings and work on agriculture education, policy and promotion. 

We give thanks at the state fair for our veterans when we pass a sign they made for us, the very people they are protecting and fighting for.

We go to the state fair to learn, share, meet and appreciate.  I hope you take that opportunity at your state fair! 

And I always make sure my nails are done for the fair too, just like many of my co-workers!

And let me know if you need help deciding what to do at 
Our Indiana State Fair, a Great State Fair!

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