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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Between the Corn & Cows: What Do You Want to Learn?

I have been blogging for almost three months and every so often I wonder, 

"Why are you doing this?"

Well, I have many answers and one is to show you the beauty of our country life.  

Another reason for Fancy in the Country is to tell you stories of us living off the land which includes the beef our family raises, the sweet corn we grow, the delicious vegetables that come from grandpa's garden or my sister-in-law's.

It also includes telling you hunting stories and the fact that living off the land includes hunting, eating the game you kill and then hanging it on your wall.

My blog is about telling you the importance of freedoms and why the scene below is very common in our backyard.  

I want to share the agriculture story and how we grow our corn, soybeans and wheat. 

But what do you want from Fancy in the Country?
What do you want to learn or want me to share?

Do you want to learn about raising livestock and the differences in their feed, how we plant our crops and harvest them, about the different between GMO and non-GMO, what the different types of tractors do?

As I drove home tonight and saw the corn changing from summer green to harvest brown, I was reminded that harvest will be here before you know it.  That means I will be home by myself more because my farmer will be in the fields, and I will be able to write more for you, more agriculture stories.  

So send me a message or comment below and let me know your ideas
And don't look at me like these gals do, and tell me what you want to learn about agriculture or about being 
Fancy in the Country.

As my girlfriend would say, "get involved, learn something, do something."

And while you're thinking, "Why Fancy in the Country?", I will enjoy the peaceful, country sunsets.  


  1. I want to know about how you decide which crops to grow, when, and how/why you switch over fields to different crops (that happens, right??) Haha :) And I want to know why 'Organic' is not better!


    1. Jodi, thank you for asking! Yes, we rotate our crops. Great ideas on that and the question about organics. Stay tuned!