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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cocktail Hour in the Corn & with the Cows

Last week was a full week in the office after traveling most of the month.  And all I wanted on Friday night was a good cocktail and some Katie time.  My favorite time...Katie's Cocktail Hour.  

But then I got a call from my farmer husband and he reminded me that we needed to pick sweet corn and check the cows.  So....I headed to the farm.

At first I was a little mad because I was so tired and just wanted to get home and get my cocktail!  But then I realized that this is what I really needed. 

I needed the smells of summer, fields of corn, setting sun and the farm.  

 Oh and I ran into this guy!  Remember him from the county 4-H livestock auction a few weeks ago, the one we went to on our anniversary?  Apparently, he needed to get outside and into the fields of corn too.

 I turned around after checking a row of squash with Brett's grandma and saw this image.  The classic American farm scene that touches my heart every time.  And I was at peace, I no longer needed my cocktail. 

And then I turned the other way and saw Brett in the sweet corn and thought, "what is he doing over there....??"

Oh, of course!  He's just eating our sweet corn freshly shucked and raw, standing in the middle of the field.  Why not...?

So I decided to as well and I rather liked it!  

It was the perfect night for it.

Then grandpa showed up and wanted to pick some fresh vegetables for the dinner I would be cooking that night.  "Come on," he said "let's get you some broccoli, green beans and tomatoes."

So as grandpa started picking the broccoli, I turned around and saw Brett picking sweet corn for us and grandma looking on.  A better scene than any cocktail hour.

Old, rugged hands and fresh vegetables.  Blessed to have both in my life.

And then their mischievous banter began; this time about the garden and the sweet corn field.  These two are entertaining to listen to sometimes, but I usually need a cocktail for that.  

So we had fresh, homegrown vegetables for the week and this girl was happy she would spend less time running through the aisles of the grocery store.

Brett then reminded me that we needed to go check the cattle.  

"We'll take some corn to give them their own cocktail hour."

And as we pulled in, they came running!  They know what it means when a truck pulls into the middle of the pasture.  

The cows love their sweet corn....they love their corn in general. 

And this is Chocolate, who is not camera shy and never has been in her 4 years on the farm.  And she has a sweet tooth.

These girls must have been craving the corn because they swarmed the truck.   They are pregnant so maybe it's a craving they have this time of year..... 

So Brett just climbed in the back and threw it to them.  

And then came Chocolate, to get her corn hand fed to her.  So demanding.....

So we gave the girls quite the little cocktail hour on Friday night.

And they barely left us any to eat that night!  After all of that, Brett and I had 4 ears of corn left.  

And when Mr. Bull realized we were all out, that's when I hopped in the truck and we dashed back through the pasture before he started running for us.  

So after a long, exhausting week, I didn't really need a cocktail hour.  I needed the farm and the sweet summer air.  Sometimes I am too concentrated on the goal or task at hand that I forget to turn around see what's around me.  

When I do, I find the sweetest surprises like an old farmer picking fresh vegetables or my husband eating sweet corn or the rabbit we bought at the 4-H fair to support a young girl or the classic farm scene with our American Flag waving in the summer breeze.

Those moments are part of the best hours, no cocktail needed.

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