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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Give a Little, Take a Little and Commit to A Lot .......


Remember that line from The Sandlot?

Well, that's what I committed to on July 12, 2013 in the Colorado mountains with a few family members while we were a little closer to heaven.  I committed to the man I plan to be with for the rest of my earthly life, and forever and beyond if God allows.

That week we had to give a little and take a little.  Give up a little of our personal time to prepare and plan for our wedding for a hectic week of him wrapping up wheat harvest and me advocating for agriculture in
Washington D.C.

We took a little from giving a little too, knowing that we worked really hard for our family farm and the industry we are so passionate about, agriculture.

But that's what we do and "that's just part of it" in our busy, crazy and beautiful life that we live and experience together.  We were both pretty busy before we knew each other, but I think we have gotten busier since meeting each other.  But that's okay because we love to live it, live this life that was so graciously given to us.

And even though we are busy in that big world out there, we are now living in it and exploring it together.  Even though we aren't together for every little work trip or adventure, we are always there in each others' hearts.

And I always make sure to give a full report of my trips/meetings/days/adventures via a presentation with my hands flying everywhere.  And he, well, he only gives me updates when I ask questions about his trips/meetings/days/adventures.

I give a lot of information, and he takes a little in.  He gives a little information, and I take a lot in.  But we always commit to a lot and all of it together.

And we always hope to find treasurers of home while we are on our adventure, called "life", together.

Like how we got married next to a barn made from Indiana barn wood!

Or how our love of horses turned into Brett and his brother taking off their belts to wrangle two horses in for some photos and for the kids after our wedding ceremony.

And then there is giving a little bit of your fanciness up for your country ways when you need to get back through that fence, to get another glass of champagne and head to your wedding reception.

And there is Brett, taking a little demand from me and being ever so kind, as he is, to help his new bride through that old fence.

And even though we are just those farmers, we sure do like to commit to it--commit to our farm lifestyle and our agriculture industry and our adventures and our passion for life.

 And usually, I do it fancy and he does it country.    

All while giving a little to each other, taking a little from each other and committing to each other Forever.

And always toasting along the way. 

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