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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tired and Worn but Still Standing

"America's greatest asset is its people."

I heard that on the news last night during a report of the wild fires in Washington State.  One family lost their home and so did their daughter and their brother and all their friends.  

And guess what?  They are still standing

And guess why?  Because they are Americans.  

And guess how?  Because we live in the greatest, most free country in the world.  Where people still come together in times of tragedy and need.

A country where freedom rings and we are able to visit our nation's capital and express our opinions with our elected officials.  Now they might not always agree or make the change we want, but we can do it....because we are free.

I think we forget that a lot.  And every so often it's good to be reminded. 

And when we complain, maybe we aren't doing enough or using our freedom enough or expressing enough.  

I mean when we get a flag in our hamburger we get giddy about it.  Why don't we wear the flag and put it to good use?  Waving it high and proud every day?

That day, I did.  I took that flag from my greasy, delicious burger and stuck it in my purse and carried it around for weeks.  She got a little run down but continued to stand proudly.  To this day, I carry a flag around.  

And I continued to carry one the last two weeks when I was in DC with soybean and corn growers from around Indiana.  These growers were taking their opportunity to wave their flag and express their opinions on certain issues related to our industry such as:  trade, regulatory issues, transportation, aquaculture, the renewable fuels standard, farm bill implementation, conservation and much more. 

Not only do farmers worry about what happens in their fields, they worry about what happens on The Hill and in their statehouses and with their local officials.  They fly to DC and travel miles throughout their states to take advantage of expressing their freedoms, advocating for agriculture and being the greatest asset for their industry and for their America.  

Are you part of America's greatest asset?  

Do you wave your flag high and take advantage of your freedoms in America? 

Do you get involved and take your precious time to get involved?

When in DC, the one thing that resonates is that people have been waving flags, visiting their elected officials, expressing their feelings, sharing their thoughts and taking advantage of their freedoms for over 200 years.  

And guess what, she is still standing.  

America, after all struggles and failures and being tired and run down.....Still standing.  

Are you?

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