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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Deep Breaths on Dirt Roads

On Tuesday I told you that "going west is good for my soul".

It helps me to take a deep breath while traveling on a dirt road.

That's why my sister Sarah and I head that way any chance we get.  
This time it was to support our friends at Sankey 6N Ranch  for their annual cattle sale.

My best friend Lindsay married a Kansas boy from 6N so we have to visit the place where she will call home someday.  And we like to take little adventures along the way.

During this trip and after the sale, these three sets of boots decided to grab the cameras and just drive.

Well, we had something to do but got a little sidetracked with the views.

I was the driving and I would randomly hear, "wow, look at the sky.  Wait...... STOP!!!!"  
Pretty much the quote of any dirt road adventure with us.

And Lindsay caught me in action, thank you Jean.

Of course I parked next to this critter cave.  The three of us don't really favor small critters.....
but we were safe!

I pretty much laid in a ditch for this one.  
I almost could have stayed there until the sun rose the next morning but we were running low on beverages.

The colors of the sky in the Kansas Flint Hills are pretty amazing and remind us to give thanks and feel blessed.

We took lots of turns and went down some roads less traveled which brought us to the most perfect spots.  
I mean that's what it's all about right?

Some less traveled paths, turns, ditches and views of the heavens above.
Reminds us to take a deep breath.....

.......down the dirt roads.

I hope you remember to take a deep breath every so often just like we did on those dirt roads.

1 comment:

  1. Wow - These photos are So Good! Way to capture yet another adventure.....they're beautiful. Thanks again for making the trip out to support us!