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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's That Time of the Year: Markets, Mice & No Milk

I have told you about some of my Fall Favorites

I have told you that we should always 

But I haven't told you about the tales of being a Harvest Widow.

It's hard sometimes because sometimes I want to buy champagne instead of essentials at the local farmer's market.  Sometimes I buy all this food and then I eat it all myself because he isn't home a lot during this season.

And then other times I go antiquing with my grandma, mom and sister and see an old seed sack with my husband's family name and seed company on it.  Again, harvest is hard because I am reminded of him in random places (even shopping)!

And then other times, my husband comes home to his harvest widow standing on hard surfaces with her boots on.  Why, you ask?  Because we have mice and I don't do mice!

This was from mouse #1 of Harvest 2014.  The second was dead too close to my precious shoes and closet.  And the third one was found last night while I was just trying to get a post-it note from my desk!  

And when I do want to spend time my husband during harvest, I have to hop in the truck and check cows with him.  I definitely enjoy checking cows, but not when they swarm the truck and give me dirty looks.  It's like the are jealous I am there with him or something.   We can share ladies....

But I have learned to "Gather Here with a Grateful Heart".  
Here and now in this place and during harvest and checking cows and even when I find mice in my house.  

I might especially be grateful when I at least remember to get the champagne instead of the milk!
It's essential for this farmer's wife.

More grateful tales from this Harvest Widow to come.....

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