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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Always Farmer's Daughters

As farm girls, my sister Sarah and I grew up with several pairs of bib overalls.  

At one point, I had a purple pair and a mint green pair.
At another point in my young life, I thought the 1990s fashion phase with one strap unclasped was cool.....yep.  

But this photo, this photo we took for our farmer dad, really encompasses what we have always called ourselves:  the Farmer's Daughters.

To this day, we dress somewhat alike but with our own personal flare.  
Sarah is always in turquoise and I'm usually in pearls. 

But one thing we always have in common is our love for life and our love for our farmer.

After dad's death over 5 years ago, Sarah, the real storyteller of our family, wrote this poem: 
Always a Farmer's Daughter

There once was a Farmer who had a daughter.
A Farmer that knew how to plant and raise crops and his own stock.
That Farmer's daughter admired and loved the Farmer.

But the time came for the Farmer to answer the call because the Man upstairs 
needed the Farmer to tend to his stock from above.

Although the time of Thanksgiving is the most difficult time of all
the Farmer's daughter was thankful for him. 
Thankful for the time she had with the Farmer
Thankful for the memories made and the stories to share. 
Thankful for the example of a life well lived. 

The Farmer left a legacy for his daughter to share with you.
A story that shaped the daughter's life.
The story of the Farmer told by the Farmer's daughter.
And always a Farmer's daughter I'll be.

So as farmer's daughters, we have committed ourselves to telling stories about our farmer and agriculture.  
We will educate those that need to know more about where their food comes from and how it is raised.
And even if we are into wearing turquoise or pearls or are dressed fancy or country, we are always wearing our bibs, always farmer's daughters giving thanks for the farmer.

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