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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Celebrating New Adventures at Home

When the older and wiser tell you "time flies", you should listen.

Just yesterday, my best friend Amy and I were shopping for wedding rings together. 
Then engaged withing weeks of each other.
Then married. 

And now....we are showering her and her baby with gifts of love.  

Time flies....so we must celebrate all the wonderful and generous gifts we are given 
including babies that will soon join us on this adventure called life.

Amy is the dearest of friends with lots of passion for life and love for others so we decided to go all out for Amy as she embarks on this new adventure with Baby B.  

This shower is a trip around the world, in my parents' basement 
where many of our adventures as young adults began........

My sister, mom and I have a love for antiques so we used them throughout the shower 
to show that the past can be a part of the future.

Amy and her husband, Marc, traveled to Ireland last fall and it was a trip of a lifetime.  Amy told me there was seafood chowder everywhere they visited so I made some in honor of their adventure across the pond.

Amy and our girlfriends love Mexican food, especially homemade guacamole 
so a little Mexican flare was on the menu.

And we tasted a little bit of America in the mac 'n' cheese bites!

While enjoying the food, why not enjoy lots of champagne to celebrate Baby B and Amy too!

Many of us have a little German in us so why not have few German Dip Rye Bites?

Our salad came from Greece, very tasty!

And we all love pasta....

Many of our friends studied Spanish so we have to honor Spain with some cheese and the meat.

Even though we were in Indiana, the girls loved traveling around the world via the food.

And because you can't travel without several modes of transportation, my mom made cookies to reflect how we would travel around the world.

And Amy always requests my mom's Sweet & Salty Chocolate Pizzazz!  A little piece of heaven!

These are mini pineapple upside down cakes which fit perfectly on my sister's favorite dishware, jadite.

We asked each guest to bring a postcard of their favorite place to visit and to write 
a note to Baby B on why he/she should visit as well.

What we hope for Baby B, and for Amy, is that they enjoy every adventure life brings in this world.

But we want Baby B to always remember that Indiana is home and he/she is always rooted, always based at home.

As the shower wrapped, Marc came to collect the gifts and was treated like a king with a beer in a frozen mug, warm soup and service from the ladies.

Thanks to Amy for our wonderful friendship and for letting us host an adventurous baby shower!
On to planning our next adventure for her and Baby B!

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