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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Unspoken Lesson from the Farmer: Passionate & Loving Hands

I have recently been reminded of the work of our hands.
"Why", you may ask.
Because my farmer husband comes home with dirty and cold hands this time of year.  

He works tirelessly to care for our animals in the bitter cold and to make sure 
our farm keeps going even in the winter months.

I, however, do not have dirty hands or cold hands.  

But I do use my hands in a different way.  

Many who know me, know that I talk with my hands, a lot, actually too much.
And apparently I have been my whole life.

My mother found this photo recently and found it quite funny. 
This is proof that I have always used my hands, always been a little demanding 
and been so with determination and passion!

I have written about the work we do with our hands in my post titled, 

However, what I have been feeling more now than ever is that we should not only 
have heart when it comes to our hands' work but have passion through our work too.  

We need to always be thankful and remember the work of others' hands that have led us to our passion.

My mom, sister and I saved my dad's gloves he was wearing when he passed away on our family farm to remind us of him and his passionate, hard working personality.  

My sister recently wrote about our passion for agriculture and what we learned from our dad in her post about Celebrating National Agriculture Month.  She said that our dad "taught us to do things with passion or not at all".

We honor and thank him for our passion and love for the work we do with our hands even though they work differently than his.

So as we are hopefully at the end of our winter days and celebrate the start of a new beginning in spring, make sure you wrap your hands around someone you love and use your hands to do something good in this world with passion!


  1. Katie this post is beautiful! I have often wanted to start a project called, "Farm Hands" ... kind if a play on the word farmhand. I want to share the many different things we farmers do with our hands.

    Tears came to my eyes when I read your sister's quote, [dad] "taught us to do things with passion or not at all" ... without passion, we have no reason. Without reason, what would our hands do?

    Our hands need farming.