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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

You Knew This Day Was Coming

He keeps saying that, "it's like high school graduation, you knew this day was coming.  Calm down."

But it's hard to calm down and get through our crazy busy schedules while trying to prepare for planting season and move into a different house on the farm.

Time flies and this day wasn't supposed to be this week, or so I thought. 

But it's here, and we are moving into a different house on the farm.  

I call our first home together a "bungalow".  
Kind of as a joke, but kind of because it's small and lots of crazy things seem to happen in it like  things that would happen on a wild adventure in a foreign country.

This house is where we first said "I love you".

It's where we got engaged, actually at this table in front of our big window.

 It's where we planned our wedding in Colorado and our Celebration on the Farm.

We bought this door on the day we got engaged and now I have to leave it behind. 
The story about the door is hilarious, but the stories told and memories made 
behind the door are more meaningful.

When we were dating, I found this Glick seed sack at an antique store and thought I was the best girlfriend ever.
His brother helped me find an old horseshoe from the family's barn to hang it.  I was so proud.

It took him weeks to tell me that they had lots of these at the farm still.  I was crushed but it remained on the wall.

And it's a nice, daily reminder of the family farm and seed business.
It reminds us of why we do what we do on the farm, and for the farm, so when our great grandchildren see a seed sack from 2015, they are just as impressed by it as I am with this sack from 1965.

We lived in this house and talked about how we grew up and the values we were raised on.  
We had to share memories of our fathers with each other as they both are watching from above in heaven.  

This house is where we realized we both believe, "He'll take you when he wants you."  
It's where we grew up the last few years together realizing the blessings God gives us and the fact he can take them away so we must appreciate each other at all times.

The house is where we decided to support and believe in each other, to sacrifice and be patient.  

For example, Brett sacrificed seeing my antique "Love" sign made by a friend. 
He loved the thoughtfulness, but he isn't a fan of old antiques used in this way. 

When I found out that our annoying chipmunk friend had been chewing on my sign, I had patience with Brett because he let it happen.  

Love is patient, love is kind........

The house is where I encountered more than my fair share of mice, lizards, bugs, clogged up sinks, no central air or heat, frost on the inside of our windows and much more.

So as we were packing up the house week and I got a little emotional. 
I just can't believe it's here.

While I was having one of my many breakdowns, he packed up our bar. 
I told him to keep the vodka out for the week just in case I need it.  

And then he said, "we need to drink a bottle of wine from our honeymoon in South America before we leave this house."  Genius idea!  And then I was crying yet again.

The bottle looks a little rough because it had quite the adventure from Argentina, a foreign country, 
to our bungalow here on the farm.

We did our own marriage counseling over bottles of wine before we got married to plan our life together.   And it started in this house, at this table.  

Then we set out on adventures and brought more wine home to enjoy over continued conversations about our life plans.  While the table is going with us to the next house, the big window where a proposal and many memories were made isn't.

Thanks to The Bungalow for our many memories and adventures between the walls. 

Now on to our next adventure and the many memories to come in this life.

1 comment:

  1. I love this post. I totally know that feeling. I used to move every 2 years and I cried over every house I left and every house I entered but they were all great memories. Its nice your houses will be in the family and easy to go back and visit. Good luck with the move and let me know if there's anything I can do to help!